PMO-CP (PMO Certified Practitioner). LaSalle BCN


PMO-CP Training Course to certify professionals in the PMO VALUE RING methodology

Dates:  MUDP May 2021
Place Universidad La Salle Campus Barcelona

Trainer:  Leonardo Reyes PMOfficers Founder

Brochure: PMO-CP (PMO Certified Professional)



The main objective of this course is to certify professionals in the international methodology called PMO VALUE RING, which can be used to create, evaluate and restructure PMOs, focusing on the generation of value.

The PMO-CP certificate is issued by the PMO Global Alliance. The cost of the online exam is included in the total cost of the course.

The PMO-CP certified professional can demonstrate alignment with the world’s leading methodology for strategic PMO management, based on best practices and international research.


The PMO VALUE RING methodology is now used by professionals in more than 65 countries. There are hundreds of PMO-CPs in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The methodology is backed by a database with the collective intelligence of a global community of PMO leaders, from which recommendations on best practices and solutions to PMO challenges are derived.

More information on the methodology can be found at


To obtain certification, the candidate must pass an online proctored exam of 40 multiple-choice questions, achieving a minimum score of 75%.

The exam covers technical aspects related to the methodology, and the candidate has up to 60 minutes to complete it.

Detailed instructions on this process will be available to candidates after registration.

PMO Global Alliance provides a PMO-CP digital certificate. It will be sent to the email previously informed by the candidate within 7 days after passing the exam.